Goals Of A Father

29 May

ImageIn my mind father’s are men who walk with their family through life. When my children were young I heard this excellent advice that has helped to guide me over the years. The moment I heard it I knew the guy was dead on. So, I wrote it down and carried it in my Franklin Planner so I could review it often. Overall, I had some successful, shining moments and, honestly, failed miserably at other times. But I could always find my way back by checking The Six Goals of a Father. Sadly I do not recall the man that gave the speech so I cannot give proper credit. Maybe you will find these goals helpful. Maybe you can improve on them. I hope they are helpful to you. Enjoy.

First, be the spiritual leader of your home. A spiritual leader is someone who helps another attain his or her spiritual goals. Pray for your wife and children. Attend church with the family…it matters more than you may imagine. Help each one discover their spiritual gifts and then help them find a way to express that gift to serve others.

Second, help your helpmate. Dads are commanded in scripture to teach their children. That is sobering considering that in today’s culture it seems that our wives are mostly the ones to train our children. There are two zones to pay attention to in the home. Zone one: education and academics. Zone two: home economics such as grocery shopping; see that she gets a break and time to step off of the treadmill of daily routine; and especially a break from childcare so that she can read, take a walk or maybe sew (you get the picture).

Third, fulfill your role as protector. First, protect your family legally. Second, protect your family from people who hassle your family. Third protect your wife’s time by monitoring phone, taking care of things you can take care of, etc.

Fourth, prepare child for a career: help them toward a career that will support a family. Teach initiative and living with excellence. Maybe point them toward a liberal arts study in college.

Fifth, prepare child for marriage. Teach them about romance in preparation for marriage as well as romance in marriage. Teach them to be both emotionally pure and sexually pure. Today our societal restraints have been removed. Teach your children to save their heart for the season of life when you’re ready to be married.

Sixth, prepare child for full exercise of rights of citizenship. Teach them by doing: vote, volunteer, and give money. Engage them in real life issues that matter. For example: Teach them how a bill becomes law. Teach them how a business works. Take them to learn how a bank functions. Let them be with you over lunch with interesting leaders from various walks of life.

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