Make Up Your Mind

10 Jun


Often choice presents itself as neatly packaged in a pair: Heaven or Hell; Success or Failure; Right or Left? Up or Down? White rice or Fried Rice? Paper or Plastic? Admittedly, it isn’t always that simple.

You face choices at every turn in life and they are not always obvious. What career path? Which opportunity? School? Studying? Friends? Work? Exercise? Food? Where to live? Money: how much to save or give or spend? Health decisions? You get the picture.

And, oh I almost forgot, last night we ate wings. The waitress asked, “How would you like your wings prepared?” “What are my options?” I asked. Pointing to a spot on the menu she said, “We have more then fifty choices.” Awesome. But we each had to choose. Some let others choose for them. I chose teriyaki, fried. The thing is this: whether I chose or let someone choose for me, I have to eat it.

Someone said that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. That may be, but consider that not choosing is not an option, as much as you may like for it to be. You do have to choose. To not choose is also a choice.  Once you choose you must walk the path chosen.

Elijah was dead on. “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him.” (1Ki 18:21) Just make up your mind and walk that way. Decide who you will follow and get on with it. It sounds rather simple. Of course it rarely is. But sometimes it is.

Part of the human condition has always been a desire to have it all, to go from one thing to the next, to waver in allegiance. Yet in the process of wavering, allegiance becomes skewed and unclear. And maybe you’ve noticed that once a path is chosen and allegiances are formed that your mind goes to work to categorize reasons why you made the correct and best choice.

Yet ultimately you still must decide whom you will believe and follow. But whatever you do, know this: walking in the middle is unacceptable on so many levels.

Choose one path. One path only. If you try to follow every possible path you will end up following none. Biblically, throughout time, thousands have chosen the path of faith in God through Jesus Christ. I choose the big and narrow path of following Jesus Christ. Everything else is secondary. That one decision colors and shapes everything else in my life, if not always immediately, then eventually for sure.

I like this quote, maybe you will too, don’t know who said it: “To choose a path is to choose its destination. The traveler cannot grumble about the destination if he is responsible for choosing the path.”

Personally, today I choose the path and its destination: to believe God and Jesus Christ…to love my wife…to love my kids…to love my neighbor and friends (might be the same/might not)…to work with great intention in everything I do…to enjoy today for everything that the Lord will bring.

What about you? It really is kind of fun to have a choice. Go ahead. Every decision is not life or death. Some are, but most aren’t. Embrace your ability to choose. Choose to enjoy today.

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