A New Year!

01 Jan

Dan Surprise

Hey everybody…2014 is almost here! Let me ask you a question: What would have to happen to make this the best year of your life?

I came across this goofy picture of me on my phone – a picture taken by my daughter when we were clowning around a few months ago. What a great memory among so many of this past year!

As you begin the new year two scriptures come to mind. First, on 12/31 embrace Luke’s 12:31, “Instead, seek his kingdom, and these things will be added to you.”

Instead? Instead of what? The word “instead” means “in the place of.” Doctor Luke’s radical idea is this: Next year, instead of worrying about whatever you are prone to worry about, why not make it your consuming priority to seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness.

Trust God’s provision more than your own. Trust God first; he will take care of the rest of life! Food – covered. Drink – covered. Clothing – no problem. Worry – unnecessary, not useful. Luke isn’t suggesting that you sit around and wait to see what happens. Anyone with half a brain knows that. The message is for everyone…regardless of your socioeconomic standing, don’t worry, and pursue God. If you live in poverty – pursue God. And, if you have more than your daily needs – pursue God.

Everything starts here.

Second, on 12/31 determine to internalize the truth of Mark’s 12:31, “There is no other commandment greater than these.” What? That is crazy talk! Or, maybe not. Jesus was referring to what he called the two greatest commands: First, love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your entire mind and with all your strength. Second, love your neighbor as yourself.

So it’s rather simple and complex all at once: make it your priority to Seek God’s kingdom…to Love him…and to Love your neighbor. And do that every day. Tomorrow begins a New Year. Let it be the start of a new mindset as well. There is no new beginning without an ending. So one year ends; another begins.

Forget what is behind and press on to what is ahead. So I ask again: What would have to happen to make this the best year of your life? Why not set your goals and work on them every day.

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