Word of the Year

07 Feb

2014 Word of the Year

Imagine that you are at December 31, 2014.

What would have had to happen for you to say that it was the most successful year of your life? What word would you use to describe the year as you look back on it?

For example, Words such as…Courage. Value. Outstanding. Determined. These are the words our family members chose for 2014. Some of us thought of the word relatively quickly; others needed a little time to think about it. Step one is to choose your Word.

Once you’ve determined your Word of the Year, try writing a sentence using your special word. Don’t feel like you have to settle for the first tries. Listen to phrases in songs, movies and conversations. In time it will come to you.

Your sentence might be something like this.

If your word is Outstanding you might say: “My year was outstanding because I poured superior and excellent effort in the people I met and the things I did.”

If your word is Courageous you might say: “I lived courageously by trying new things and exploring new opportunities.”

If your word is Determined you might say: “I was determined and therefore I succeeded far beyond what I could have imagined.”

If your word is Value you might say: “I spent time in things and with people that added value to my life and I added value to others.”

I think that you get the point. Now, what about you? If you want a fun exercise ask everyone in your family to think of a word that can guide his or her decision-making this year. And then maybe take it a step further and think of a scripture or meaningful passage that will remind you of your special word.

One more thought: If other family or friends have a Word of The Year, be intentional to use the word in your compliments to them. This will help to keep their word alive! After all, the point is not to merely have a word but to live by it.

Also…remember to put your goals for the year into writing…that’s another blog. Let your Word of the Year inform how you go about accomplishing your goals.

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