4 Steps to a Winning Team

13 Jun

WINS pic
What is your leadership plan? Your systems are perfectly designed to get the results that you are currently getting.

Here’s an idea that came from our Lead pastor Justin Miller. Actually the skeleton comes from him…I’ve taken liberty to add some additional thoughts. It’s a basic leadership lesson on how to get WINS as a leader. And this is easily applicable to parents or presidents.


“W” is for WHO?

Who will lead? Do you have the best person possible to lead? have you settled for a warm body to fill the spot or did you find a leader of leaders?What are the expected outcomes? When are they expected to have results? Leaders lead best when they are most clear about where they are leading. How will they know if they’ve won the game? Jesus spent the night in prayer before he chose the twelve disciples. A lot of people followed him…only a hand full would go the distance with him. None were perfect. One betrayed him, not because he didn’t love him, but because he loved himself more…greed does that to a person.


The more deliberate and calculated you are the better those you lead can lead. Resist the temptation of saying silly things such as “God’s in control” when the truth may be that you are using that as a cover-up for ineffective leadership. Don’t merely hope for the best, plan for the best? Choose your activity wisely over merely what will make you look busy. When possible, choose the clearly defined roadmap over a lot of good ideas that are all over the map. Clarity about your destination makes a lot of decisions for you. Work backwards from your desired result. One last thing: constantly look for individuals who are “highly relational-leader of leaders”.

“N” is for NEXT Step

What is the Next Step? This is the time to determine where you are in the journey. Clarify what the next step is. Or perhaps you need to take a little different approach and describe the Next Stage – which implies a larger piece of the pie. Just make sure that there are next steps for everyone. Are there clear next steps for everyone and does my team know them? Work back from the desired outcome.

“S” is for STORIES.

Sharing stories is how your organization can clarify and transfer your values and truth to others. in fact stories are the next best thing to actually experiencing an event. Stories shape culture. Experience is preferable over a story. However, the next best thing to experience is a well told true story that captivates a person’s attention and imagination and helps them to paint themselves into it. The well crafted story is the single most powerful tool for bringing about change. It’s not the only thing, but next to first-person experience it is most effective. Don’t just tell facts…tell stories. Stories capture the heart.

In the end, we don’t want to be busy, we want to be effective. I want my life to count.

So that’s the deal…Now go lead.

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