God is For You!

13 Jan
God is For You!

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WE ADOPTED BOTH our wonderful kids—Micah and Ashley—at birth. Some grieve over the thought of not being able to give birth naturally, but Beth and I believe that, eight years into our marriage, it was God’s will to build our family through adoption. Like all families we’ve had ups and downs, good times and bad, but through it all they are my kids and I love them. It’s difficult for me to quantify just how much. We tell them, “You were born of our prayers.”

When I got the call that Micah had been born, I was at my office, before the days of cell phones. I did have a car phone, so I jumped in the car to go home, but was so excited that I drove in circles as I tried to get a hold of Beth and thought about what I needed from my office. I can recall details about each one. I remember the first time I held that six-pound, ten-ounce baby boy. It was love at first sight. At just two days old he stole my heart as I stared into his piercing blue eyes. From the beginning he has been alert, fun, energetic, curious, and loving—all qualities I love about him.

As I held him, I experienced a kind of love that was new and that has grown deeper and richer through the years. Although I had taught about how much God loves us before this, in that moment I began to understand the sort of love for another that is totally and completely dependent on you. He was my son; I was his dad and he was home.

Then, two and a half years later, God brought Ashley into our lives. She was born on Easter Sunday, two weeks after her original due date. She has always taken her time and it has always been worth the wait. She had beautiful brown hair, brown eyes, and olive-colored skin. When I held her, she held me back. She melted into my arms. On Ashley’s Gotcha’ Day, the day we brought her home two days after her birth, the major news was a freak April Fool’s Day blizzard in the northeastern United States that dumped rain, sleet, and snow from Maryland to Maine, leaving hundreds of thousands without power and as much as three feet of snow on the ground. But at the Holland house the major news was Ashley. Forgetting it was April’s Fool Day, I called Beth to tell her the news of Ashley’s birth. I had to first convince her that this was not a cruel April Fool’s joke. Before her birth, I was scheduled to speak in a citywide outreach halfway across the country. Because Ashley went past her original due date I canceled that speaking engagement. I wanted to be able to tell her and her brother that they have always been more important to me than even ministry and I’m glad that I did.


In a world of nearly eight billion people, only one boy is my son and only one girl is my daughter. As I held them I knew that I would love them and provide for them, but they didn’t know that.


“I love you more than anything in the whole wide world,” I whispered in their little ears as I tucked them into bed each night. Micah, holding onto his pacifier with his teeth, would shorten “I love you” and say, “I…you.” Ashley would say, “I love you mucho.” To this day we can say or text, “Mucho!” and we know it means that’s how much we love each other. Today our kids are adults, and I love them more now than the day they were born. Whatever life brings their way, whatever challenges they might face, I want them to know they can always count on me to do the best thing for them. I want them to know they are significant and my love is secure. It’s mucho!

God also adopted us as His kids. John, the beloved disciple of Jesus, wrote,

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.” 1 John 3:1

We are His children. God wants even greater and better things for all of His kids, as I do mine. In fact, the more we come to understand and believe that God is for us, the more it will impact the way we think, and the more we will develop a healthy mindset. How you live is a direct response to how you think, and how you think is based on what you believe.

Choose to believe the promises of God. Those promises are for you.

“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” —John 15:16

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