Powerful Questions

31 Jan
Powerful Questions

What Happened Here? And Other Powerful Questions

The story of Joshua is easy to follow because it has a clear beginning, middle, and ending, and is marked by seven specific monuments during the time of the conquest. Like bookmarks in the pages of history, the monuments of Joshua reminded God’s people of important choices. Each monument was—and still is—intended to spark the memory of what happened at that place, to remind God’s people of His faithfulness, and how their choices to live by faith and obedience influenced God’s involvement in their lives. God even instructed that the history and lessons be taught to future generations for their benefit. That includes you and me.

A monument or memorial can mark a victory, like the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devils Hill, North Carolina, marking man’s first flight, or sorrow and defeat like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. All monuments cause us to ask: “What happened here?” That is a powerful question about the past that can influence the way we see the future. On our journey through Joshua, we will tackle some other powerful questions. Powerful questions can potentially disrupt your world because they cause your thoughts to travel new paths.

Although disruptive, these monumental questions can help you gain clarity about your life and break free of the gravitational pull of the status quo, charting a course toward greater meaning, joy, and impact instead. Some of the questions to explore are:

  • How can I stop wandering and prepare to advance?

  • What are God’s promises to me?

  • How can I develop faith instead of fear in unfamiliar territory?

  • Will I be able to handle trouble when it comes my way?

  • Do I have what it takes to persevere during setbacks (because doubt and disappointments are part of the promised life too)?

  • How can I pace myself and listen to God?

  • How can I make effective use of failure?

  • What does it take to lead towards unity and harmony?

  • How will I finish strong and prepare the next leaders?

These questions can powerfully influence the choices you make today.  Is it easy?  Sometimes, but not always.  Is it worth the effort?  Every time; because they potentially can change the direction of your one precious life forever.  

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